KERAMAT ISLAND is located on the southern part of Panjang island, north of West Sumbawa. The is inhabitant and only fisherman comes to the island for resting. The island is only 15 minutes walk, white sandy beaches and it has beautiful underwater with healthy coral reefs, most of the fishes are small, non big fishes.

The island only reach by boat from Labuan Alas and takes 45 minutes on local boat but you need to charter them as there is no regular boat.
The best option is join our sailing adventures as we stop there for 3 hours to snorkeling and exploring the islands. All snorkeling equipments provides onboard.
Keramat Island is one of the best island for snorkeling on the region of Sumbawa except Moyo and Satonda Islands.

This is a good place to break the journey. The island has a lovely white sand beach and clear deep water close by the shore, great for swimming. We usually have a beach barbecue here.
Keramat Island is the perfect spot for a beach day. Mangroves and various species of marine life. Sunset BBQ on the beach.